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Top 3 Reads 9/8/2015 #Top3Reads

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Here are my Top 3 Reads of the week. Enjoy!

  1. Open Letter from David Platt - Read this important letter from the president of our (Southern Baptist Convention) International Mission Board. As many may have heard, there have been some cutbacks due to financial constraints. Obviously, this has been of concern to many. Platt explains the reasoning, and provides a word of hope moving forward. Instead of using this as an excuse to complain, this should be seen as an opportunity to trust God to work in a way that only HE can!
  2. My Hardest Advice for Young Leaders (Ron Edmundson) - Listen to this wise advice from Ron Edmundson. While it is specifically geared towards young leaders, it has application for all. Notice the qualifier though - it is hard advice. It's not easy to hear hard advice, but it's good for us. Proverbs 19:20 tells us, "Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom in the future."
  3. What Keeps Russell Moore Up at Night? (Warren Cole Smith) - President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission Russell Moore has quite the important job. He's influencing and leading thousands of leaders in politics and church life. The author asks Moore: What keeps you up at night? What is he concerned about? An important question (and answer) that's well worth your read.

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