Richard Mark Lee

Top 3 Reads 8/1/15 #Top3Reads

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Here are my Top 3 Reads of the week. Enjoy!

  • Andy Stanley's book on New Rules for Love, Sex, and Marriage provided instrumental help for me as we walked through our recent sermon series. On his website, he has provided a free PDF from a postion of his new book. It includes the introduction and chapter 1. I'd encourage you to read it, and allow it speak truth into your life.
  • From the Village Church's blog - Why Homosexuality is an Issue of First Importance - Many have wondered why Christians make a big deal about homosexuality and so-called same sex marriage. Sam Allberry helps us think through this important question.
  • Six Things We Can Do in Light of the Supreme Court Ruling - Since the SCOTUS's ruling, there have been many thoughtful reflections on the matter. Greg Laurie gives six practical things we can do in response.  While it is a difficult time for the church, there are actions we can take, attitudes we can hold, and feelings we can possess.

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