Richard Mark Lee

Top 3 Reads 7/24/15 #Top3Reads

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Here are my Top 3 Reads of the week. Enjoy!

  1. Love and Marriage: Infidelity and Cohabitation - Our society has undoubtedly glamorized infidelity and cohabitation. Infidelity is often seen as an unfortunately, but understandable choice. Cohabitation is seen as a smart choice. However, Christians are called to see the world soberly. Check out this helpful article.
  2. How Sex, Love and Marriage Are A Lot Like Leadership - Although not in the direct sights of our series on Love, Sex, and Marriage, we can learn some things about leadership when thinking about this topic.
  3. Wives, Adorn the Person Within: The Beauty of a Gentle and Quiet Spirit - While immediately addressed to wives, husbands can benefit from this article. For that matter, even unmarried people can benefit from this article. A call to radical love is in order for our day. Selfless love and forgiveness go a long way in marriage.

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