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Top 3 Reads 1/20/16 #Top3Reads

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Here are my Top 3 Reads of the week. Enjoy!

  1. 3 Actions to Communicate Love to My Wife - Ron Edmondson - Communication! Communication! Communication! Healthy and loving communication is an indispensable element in a healthy marriage. Edmondson helps us think through how we communicate love to our wives. While this is specifically geared towards men seeking to love their wives better, these principles can help everyone grow in their most important relationships.
  2. 10 Great Prayers for Every Marriage - Ron Edmondson - What this post lacks for in length, makes up for in concise wisdom! My prayer is that you would take the time to offer these prayers to the Lord.
  3. 7 Things You May Not Know but You Need to Know About Your Wife - Ron Edmondson - "Men and women are different." Isn't that the truth? Knowing your wife is essential to loving her. Here are some helpful nuggets of wisdom that will help us understand our wives.


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