Richard Mark Lee

The Generosity of God

One study Bible says this about Psalm 37, "Our motivation for generosity comes into full bloom as we see the generosity of God himself. For the eternal second person of the triune God came to earth, becoming poor in the incarnation so that we might become rich (2 Corinthians 8:9). This lavish generosity of God in the gospel is the supreme motivation for believers today to likewise be radically generous."

As we reflect on the generosity of God, this should cause us to be generous. How are you determined to show your generosity this Christmas season? Our hearts should mirror what God has done in our lives. And that is nothing short of displaying extravagant Christ-like generosity.

Would you consider the many great things God is doing in the life of First McKinney? My challenge to all (especially members of our faith family) would be to trust God with your finances. Trusting him in this area can be such a hard thing to do - even more so when you feel stretched thin! But, my prayer is that you would rely on him in every area of your life.

Click HERE to START (or continue!) the journey of showing your generosity to First McKinney.

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