Richard Mark Lee

Teamwork! _ Part One #Foundations


Every competent leader knows the importance of building an effective team. Teamwork is a good thing; in fact, it’s essential.  But how does it really work? What makes a winning team? Why do some teams go straight to the top, seeing their vision become reality, while others seem to go nowhere?

These questions don’t have simple answers. How does your work team perform? How is your marriage team, your family team, your church team?

A team is capable of accomplishing things that no individual, no matter how talented, could do alone. To function well, a team must be committed to a common vision and purpose, and it must be willing to work in unity for the improvement of the whole rather than the advancement of any one member.

No one person is greater than the sum of the team.

We are studying the Old Testament book of Nehemiah. Nehemiah had a mission. He knew it was a mandate from the Lord. He had prayed and studied the situation in chapters 1 & 2. But Nehemiah was just one man. He couldn’t rebuild the wall on his own. He had a vision, which he cast in 2:17-18, but he needed a team to accomplish the task.

The task was great. 10 gates, 2 walls and 3 towers were to be rebuilt. It was 2 mile stretch… a wall surrounding about 13 acres of land. For almost 140 years the walls were in ruins. The gates were down... the towers were in rubble...

The situation seemed hopeless.

However, Nehemiah did not loose hope. All throughout the book that bears his name, Nehemiah addressed his people using words like “we” and “us” and developed a team. A "they" mentality does not convey the idea of unity. “They” does not involve any ownership. “We” involves ownership, accountability, and responsibility. Nehemiah organized the people into groups and assigned work in sections that created ownership and made a big task manageable.

Do you live for a cause greater than yourself? Do you lay aside your interests for the greater good of those you love?


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