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Never the Same _ Peace Child

As we think about Jesus as the Prince of Peace this week, I'd point you attention to this spectacular video. The clip is a short film giving an update on Don Richardson and his missionary efforts to the Sawi people of Papua New Guinea. This events are made famous by the book Peace Child: An Unforgettable Story of Primitive Jungle Treachery in the 20th Century (a fascinating book!). The details of the video provide an excellent summary if you are not familiar with Peace Child:

The Sawi were headhunters and cannibals when a young couple named Don and Carol Richardson arrived in their village carrying their seven-month-old boy Steve—and a message that would change the tribe forever. The year was 1962, and Steve—and later, three more children—spent their youth among the Sawi, learning the language and embracing the culture in ways that would shape the rest of their lives. Their story was immortalized in the best-selling book Peace Child and a feature film of the same name, inspiring a new generation to take the gospel to the remaining isolated tribes of the earth.

Fifty years later, Steve joins his father, Don, and two brothers, Shannon and Paul, to visit the Sawi village where they grew up. What is the state of the church they planted among the Sawi? Are the friends they played with still alive? Will anyone remember the mark their family left on the tribe? Journey with Steve as he travels to the swamps of Papua, Indonesia, to introduce you to the Sawi, and explore the impact of the gospel among a previously unreached people group.

I'd highly recommend you watching this video - especially as we think about how Jesus is the "peace child" for the whole world! Understanding this story will give new depths and meaning to that term.

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