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Missional Life, FBC McKinney

Point people to Christ

Here at First McKinney, we are involved in a number of Kingdom ministries. To name a few:

  • 3e
  • Finch elementary
  • Grace to Go
  • Mission Regan
  • Hope Women’s Center
  • Samaritan Inn
  • A ministry to skaters, and motorcycle enthusiasts,
  • Prison ministry
  • and so much more.

We also have church plants in Vancouver and Phoenix. Also, we recently completed our partnership in Denver and with the Crossroads Cowboy church in McKinney. Internationally, we have teams involved with orphan care and education in Bolivia, Zambia, and Sierre Leone. We have church planting teams in the Central Asia.

On this past Sunday (11/8), we hosted an afternoon of service, where we served over 30 different locations around our community… helping widows with housing upkeep, serving the homeless, ministering with food distribution, and so much more.

Live Sent

The Biblical text we turn to is Matthew 25:31-46.

In the Bible the people of God are referred to as sheep. Sheep are not the smartest animals. Yet, they are the mascot illustration to represent God’s people. Goats are those that are the opposite. The sheep will receive a reward for caring for Jesus’ physical needs. The goats will receive their punishment.

In this passage, are you a sheep or a goat?

Look at the specific illustration he uses: I was hungry and you gave me something to eat… Jesus uses the illustration of those in need through hunger, thirst, being a stranger, naked, sick, and imprisoned. Those that notice, pay attention and do something about it – he says will inherit their reward. Those that looked the other way, weren't paying attention. They're too wrapped up in their own stuff… they will receive their punishment.

This message either gives you comfort or gives you chills. Without a doubt, this is a serious word.

The ministry to the lowliest or the needy demonstrates Jesus’ own humility in leaving the glories of heaven to bring salvation’s story to the weak, the wounded, the destitute and abandoned... the lonely, the sick and the dying. We don’t serve others out of a motivation of religious obligation for if so – it’s out of our own pride. We serve because we have been served. You have been saved to serve! We love because we have been loved. You are wildly loved by God far more than you think you are. And when you grasp just how much He loves you, you can’t help but love others in His name. We lift others up because we have been lifted up! When you grasp the reality of grace in your life – you can’t help but do something with it.

One of the things we say around here from time to time is every believer should have a ministry within the church and a mission within the world! So how about you? What’s your ministry within the body? What’s your mission within your world? I want to highlight the opportunities to live on mission in the world. Your mission is a part of you being the hands and feet of Jesus.

There are opportunities all around you if you’ll choose to open your eyes. Choose to open your mind to the possibilities. Choose to obey the prompting of His Spirit.

Money is an easy first step. Give to the least of these. Time is precious commodity. Invest your time in serving others. Demonstrate Christ centered compassion to the least of these. As Christ followers must demonstrate His character to a lost and dying world.


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