Richard Mark Lee


God's Kingdom Family

In the Bible there are nearly 100 images or metaphors that refer to the people of God: as believers and followers of Jesus we are described as:

  • a body
  • the bride
  • an army
  • a temple or building
  • vineyard
  • a flock
  • a branch
  • a household

There are many other descriptors of the people of God but one of the more pervasive metaphors is that of a family.

We are the family of God…. We live in region here in North Texas that is family focused. Because of that, this Biblical metaphor is a great way to understand who we are as believers and model for our city… how to be and do family. We often times refer to this gathering of believers as our faith family.

As a faith family, we are in a spiritual war. There is little to no imagery in the NT of comfort or our American culture in the Scripture. We are in a spiritual war. When you became a follower of Jesus – you joined a new family and in the process the enemy has declared war over you and your life.

We don’t like to hear it that way. We prefer a nice, safe, comfortable American Jesus. But that is a false god. Today, there’s a lot being written about the decline and the death of the American church. Church attendance has declined across our land. A lot has been written as some want to point fingers, cast blame and do anything but accept responsibility.

We need to know - The church of Jesus in America is not dead. It is changing and ultimately that’s a good thing. The church is growing into a new creation … and sometimes healthy growth involves growing pains. And it probably will not look like what we have known. So over the next few weeks we need to engage together as a faith family and remind ourselves Who we are... and What we are about… and How we are going to accomplish the mission to make disciples that the Lord Jesus gave us as His followers.

We will be looking at the book of Nehemiah for this series. Will you join me as we look at the Foundations of what it means to be a family family?



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