Richard Mark Lee

Connecting with God #ExploreGod

Connecting with God isn't aways the easiest thing to go. Just because you may have been a Christian for a long time, doesn't mean it's effortless. In fact, it can sometimes seem like a hard thing to do. How do we connect with God? Do you feel guilty that it doesn't always happen the way you want?

In a summary of Galatians 6, one author says, "The cross which connects us with God separates us from the world. Having died with Christ we should therefore be done with the world. Having risen with Christ, we are connected with God in a new life. We cannot glory in the benefits Christ’s cross secures if we refuse the rejection which His cross involves. (Brooks, K. - Summarized Bible p.58)

I think we can be hard on ourselves. We can wallow in shame and guilt, and make God out to be a hard-to-please father. That's not like God though. Check out this short video that helps us to biblically think through a Christian's fundamental relationship to God. Take this time to Explore God with me.

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